Relievo Antique Art Society is home to traditional Indian metal crafts and a strong Indian artistic tradition, whilst representing a new generation of designers and craftsmen , where you will find hidden unique pieces of FINE METAL RELIEFS, that are painstakingly crafted over months, producing some of the best designs ever created.

Sunil Sharma is a Mechanical Engineer (DME), from MP Board of Technical Education, Bhopal, India, had many solo exhibitions of fine metal reliefs in Mumbai and in other major cities of India. His art first attracted attention way back in 1994, when he held his first show at an exhibition organized by Development Commissioner of Handicraft, Govt. of India. Participated in many noted group shows that include Kala Ghoda Art Festival 1998 and 1999, Inside Outside Mega Show at Mumbai in 2003. Works are under the collection of various institutions and art lovers in India and abroad. Conducted notable art workshops for children

Precious copper, brass, silver and gold have captured the heart and mind of the people since time immemorial says Sunil. Inspired by the natural world around him, he has opened his mind to create his distinctive masterpieces in pure copper, silver and gold based on Twelve Themes i.e.. The Human Face, The Human Figure, Couples, Life and Work, Life and Leisure, Narration, Landscapes, Animals, Still Life, Images of Divinity, Allegory, Myth and Fantasy and The Inward Eye. Nowadays this son of metal art is represented all over the world.

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